Our Services

Many companies offer land surveying as part of a multi-discipline firm, while others provide a small range of available services and resources covering a limited geographic area. A.Aziz Land Surveyors is a Professional Land Surveying company offering a full spectrum of professional surveying services throughout most of Greater Toronto Area.

A.Aziz Land Surveyors are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients by providing a full spectrum of surveying services in a professional, responsive, and comprehensive manner. The focus of the company is to provide survey services in support of engineering and development projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

Legal Boundary Surveys
Surveyor's Real Property Report (SRPR)
Topographic Survey
Grading Plans
Land Development
Engineering and Construction Surveys
Condominium Development
Subdivision Development
Reference Plans (R-plans)


Our experience in working with Aziz and his team at A.Aziz Inc. has been a very pleasant one. They always try to go beyond our expectations, and have very nice surprises by getting jobs done in a very promptly manner.
Marquise Group Inc.Project Manager TorontoMarquise Group Inc.